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Everyone is left reeling from the incident with Laurel, and Marlon struggles to comprehend what has happened. Have things changed for ever? Vanessa wonders how much longer she can keep her pregnancy a secret as Kirin fusses over her, arousing Rakesh's suspicions. Belle is pleased with herself when she helps Priya with some computer problems at the factory, but then discovers she's not on the payroll. Kerry and Ruby grow concerned for Dan, who is blaming himself for Sean's injuries
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 1 May

Arthur has no luck waking up Laurel, so he rushes out to get Ashley, while a panicked April rings for an ambulance. Vanessa tells a shocked Kirin she's pregnant, and guilt sets in when he promises his support. Tracy sinks to a new low to persuade Jimmy to let her stay, while Ali lays the blame at Dan regarding Sean
ITV (London) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 30 Apr

Laurel is devastated when Jai gives her a poor reference and Jimmy ends up offering the job to Tracy instead. Her confidence knocked, Laurel seeks relief in a bottle of wine, only to put her life in danger. Kerry and Ruby try to remain positive about Sean, while Adam tells Vanessa he will keep their secret - but insists he's not the father
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 30 Apr

Vanessa starts having second thoughts about a termination when she sees Marlon with Leo and realises this could be her only chance to be a mother. But will she admit the truth to Kirin? Tracy goes to extreme lengths to impress Jimmy, although when Bernice recommends Laurel for the job, there could be disappointment in store. Aaron rejects Robert's advances, insisting their affair is over
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Wed 29 Apr

At Kirin's surprise party, Vanessa is stunned by a crass remark from Adam, causing her to worry more than ever that he could be the father. As Marlon arrives home with Laurel, it becomes clear he's still denying that she's an alcoholic. Aaron considers leaving the village for a while, but Paddy encourages him to stay and not let Robert get to him
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Tue 28 Apr

As Robert and Chrissie argue about his involvement in the Home Farm robbery, things aren't looking good for their marriage, but what will this mean for Aaron? Vanessa takes a pregnancy test after feeling queasy all morning, while Emma's suspicions grow further when she sees Ross's bitterness toward Pete and Debbie's engagement
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 27 Apr

As Debbie and Pete announce their engagement, Ross is furious to hear the news and takes revenge by spilling the beans to Chrissie - putting Robert in serious trouble by revealing his role in the Home Farm raid and the kidnapping plot against Lawrence. Leyla is confident that Alicia is back to her old self, while Vanessa feels awkward at Kirin's 18th birthday
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 24 Apr

Chrissie strikes a deal with Donny, promising to tell him the room number where Ross and Debbie are hiding if he agrees to stay out of Lachlan's life. Alicia confides in Leyla about her fears, while David squirms as he broaches the subject of intimacy with his wife. Kerry tries to console a heartbroken Dan after a phone call with Sean
ITV (London) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 23 Apr

Chrissie's plan puts Ross and Debbie in danger when the pair get into difficulty at the hotel where Donny is meeting Charlie. Trapped in a room with Charlie and his armed accomplice in hot pursuit, how will they escape? Meanwhile, Finn is left feeling guilty after his scheme to get rid of Darren backfires, and Alicia realises her problems are affecting Jacob
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 23 Apr

Still worrying about Lachlan's move to Scotland, Chrissie starts concocting a plan to get rid of Donny, and makes a deal with Ross after things turn hostile. Pete is furious that Debbie has blown the family secret so publicly, while Finn panics when Val overhears Darren's conversation, but have they got the wrong end of the stick? Leyla tells David they need to get Alicia back to her old self
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Wed 22 Apr

As Charlie makes another menacing phone call, Donny argues with Chrissie over what is best for Lachlan, insisting the teenager needs a fresh start. Debbie learns James and Emma's affair has been going on for a while, and angrily blurts out their secret in front of everyone at the pub. Val is puzzled by Finn's attitude concerning Darren
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Tue 21 Apr

Determined to get Charlie off his back and solve his financial woes, Donny forms a plan. Using Lachlan's fears about bullies to his own advantage, he asks the teenager if he wants to live with him in Scotland. Belle is happy to have a job at the factory, but unaware it's only work experience, so Lisa maintains the illusion by paying her out of her own wages. Debbie is caught in the middle when Pete forces her to let James stay with them
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 20 Apr

Donny is bundled into the back of a car, but later returns to Home Farm bruised and bloodied. Were the culprits the same ones who attacked Robert? Ali is unable to visit Sean because of work, and ends up taking her frustration out on Rachel, while Lisa overhears Jai saying he is understaffed at the factory, giving her an idea regarding Belle. But it doesn't quite work out how she would have liked
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 17 Apr

A furious Chas discovers the truth about James and Emma - and reacts in the same way as most other scorned women by throwing him out on his ear. Ali suggests she and Rachel do a job share so she can see Sean when necessary, but is thrown to discover her sister earns more than her. Meanwhile, Lachlan is impressed when his dad Donny stands his ground in the village - first with Paddy and then against Cain
ITV (London) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 16 Apr

Chrissie is at a loss when Lachlan refuses to go to counselling, but a smug Donny uses underhand methods to get his son onside. However, the mystery surrounding the newcomer grows when he receives a secretive phone call. A guilty James confesses to Moira about his night with Emma, and she is clear in her advice - tell Chas before his ex-wife does. Ali and Dan worry about Sean's lack of progress when they return from a hospital visit, while Lisa is unhappy with Belle's suggestion that she should move to Leeds to get a job
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 16 Apr

James feels awkward after spending the night with Emma - and it soon becomes clear she intends to make his life even more difficult. Brenda is grateful to Bob when he tells her his daughter is no longer welcome, while Carly, having been sent packing by her dad, has slept in her van, but soon finds a new ally in Leyla. Chrissie is appreciative that Donny agrees with her about the way forward with Lachlan - but is he being entirely straight with her? Meanwhile, Aaron can't understand why Robert seems so rattled by the presence of his wife's ex
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Wed 15 Apr

James continues to be suspicious about Chas and Paddy's relationship, and as his jealousy leads to arguments, manipulative Emma uses the situation to her own advantage. Jacob asks Rakesh for legal representation so he can confess to the police about smashing up Home Farm - leaving Alicia torn over what to do for the best. Chrissie's ex Donny arrives to help deal with Lachlan, and the police question Carly and Jimmy over the break-in at Sunil's house
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Tue 14 Apr

A furious Chrissie blames Lachlan for the damage to their home, and is staggered when he shows no remorse over his behaviour. Across the village, David tries to persuade Alicia not to move Jacob away - but the pair are taken aback when the police arrive to make an arrest. Carly ropes in Jimmy to get her belongings back from her ex-fiance, Sam tries to find a way to prove his loyalty to Rachel, and James begins to suspect Chas and Paddy are more than just good friends
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 13 Apr

Jacob is angry to hear David and Alicia are considering a fresh start away from the village, and heads to Home Farm to confront Lachlan. Rachel feels ousted at the Dingles' and directs an accusation at Belle, while at the fun run, a suspicious Debbie warns Emma about pursuing James romantically. Georgia and Rishi come to an agreement, and Bob grows tired of Brenda and Carly's bickering
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 10 Apr

Knowing Chas's time could almost be up, Robert tries to call off his contact, but the hitman is already in place, staking out his target. Alicia tells David and Leyla what Lachlan said to her outside the court, and David struggles to contain his anger. Later, distressed by her fears, she makes a rash decision when Jacob receives an overly suggestive e-mail. Rachel realises Sam and Lisa are lying to her about a prison visit to see Charity, while the factory open day continues, but will Rishi be honest with Georgia?
ITV (London) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 9 Apr



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