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The highs and lows of life with the residents of Albert Square, Walford
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Thu 15 Oct

The highs and lows of life with the residents of Albert Square, Walford
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Tue 13 Oct

The highs and lows of life with the residents of Albert Square, Walford
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 12 Oct

Emotions run high as Ian demands answers from his mother - and with Kathy back in Albert Square, it seems only a matter of time before the other residents learn of her return. Jay's birthday celebrations are brought to an abrupt halt by a disappointing phone call, and Ben and Paul reach a new understanding - only for the latter to become confused again when he spots Ben with Abi
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 9 Oct

Ian and Kathy reel from seeing each other, only for the reunion to take a sudden dramatic turn - how will Ian cope with the truth his mum is actually alive? As the truth about Jason and Babe surfaces, an upset Elaine comes to blows with her love rival - and when Jason arrives to collect his things, Linda gives him a piece or two of her mind. Shabnam tells Kush she is worried for Jade and wants to take care of her instead of the Carters, but despite her insisting it has nothing to do with their loss, he refuses to accept the idea
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Thu 8 Oct

Jane is puzzled when Ian is nowhere to be found - but after seeing his letter, she begins to panic and rushes to Sharon with the news he is planning to end it all. Can they find him before it is too late? After Mick and Linda's discovery about Jason, they insist on him leaving, although he clearly has something else in mind. Kush realises he needs to talk to Shabnam, while Pam and Les give Claudette the cold shoulder - and she in turn riles Vincent by suggesting that Ronnie is not welcome at Jay's birthday drinks party
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Tue 6 Oct

Elaine's new man Jason makes himself at home at the Vic, although Linda asks him to leave, puzzling Mick, who cannot understand why she has not taken a shine to him. Shabnam heads back to the shop but finds it hard working alongside the pregnant Stacey - until the pair of them have a heart-to-heart about everything that has happened. Ian and Bobby return to Albert Square but their happy reunion doesn't go to plan when the youngster overhears a journalist talking to Jane about Max - and when she tries to explain her actions to the youngster, he has some harsh words for his stepmother. Jay and Ben grow suspicious when Phil is nowhere to be found
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 5 Oct

Carol finally decides to move away with Robbie, and as the family throws a farewell dinner, she reminisces about her time in the Square. But she has a couple of surprises up her sleeve. Lauren is frustrated when Abi questions her about her relationship with Peter and gives her a plane ticket back to New Zealand. With her family in pieces, what should she do? Sharon confronts Phil about his recent behaviour - but just when it seems they are getting their marriage back on track, the arrival of a visitor makes her realise he has lied yet again. Nancy agrees to see the doctor about her seizures
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 2 Oct

As the fallout from the events at court continues, Carol admits to Sonia she is fed up of her daily routine - although she does eventually realise she has a way out, if she is willing to take it. However, they are interrupted by Lauren, who needs help persuading Abi to move out of the Mitchells'. Meanwhile, Mick tells Linda about Lee's depression, only for his son to overhear the conversation and insist that everything is fine. Can his mum get him to open up about his feelings?
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Thu 1 Oct

The residents are shocked by the drama that has just unfolded in court, and as tensions run high, the consequences of Max's action run far and wide, while Stacey confronts Jane about what she claimed in court. Meanwhile, Linda tells Mick she feels fine and just wants to get back to work, although he realises she will eventually have to know about Lee, and Nancy tells Tamwar she had a seizure while on holiday. Carol struggles to hold it together, so Robbie and Sonia try to speak to her
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Tue 29 Sep

Judgement day arrives for Max, and while those who know the truth are desperate to do whatever they can to free him, the accused makes a rash decision that could affect everything. It's Phil's anniversary and he is desperate to get his marriage back on track, so he asks Jane to speak to Sharon, while a year after Linda's attack, Mick cannot bear to see Dean getting on with his life as normal. Carol declines Robbie's offer to move to Milton Keynes, although Sonia has some encouraging words for her brother
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 28 Sep

Jane's shocking revelation leaves everyone reeling and her friends struggle to come to terms with the bombshell. But will the jury believe her? Vincent assures Ronnie her little problem has been dealt with, while Robbie comes clean to Sonia about his troubles, revealing that Nita has left him and he has no money. However, mum Carol is less than sympathetic when she hears about the mess he has got himself into
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 25 Sep

Jane composes herself as she prepares to give her witness statement at the trial, although Masood is shocked when he discovers she intends to help Max - and when Lauren also realises what she has planned, she races to court to stop her. Sonia tries to get to the bottom of brother Robbie's sudden reappearance, and is none too happy to find him taking money from her purse, while Ronnie is startled by the reappearance of a face she thought she had seen the last of, so she turns to Vincent for help. What do they have planned?
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Thu 24 Sep

As the questioning continues at the trial, Phil grows frustrated as Ben takes the stand, and Max makes it clear he doesn't want Abi's name brought into it any more. Back in the Square, Marsden warns Sharon and Phil she knows they are hiding something, while Jane continues to plot with Marcus. Vincent is unimpressed when Ronnie gives him the cold shoulder for seemingly no reason and Carol is stunned when she arrives home to find a familiar face waiting for her
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Tue 22 Sep

Charlie and Roxy pack their bags, ready to leave for a new life away from Walford with Matthew - but word of their departure soon spreads. Abi is persuaded by Lauren to go to court in support of their dad, but soon wishes she hadn't when her name is brought into the questioning once again. Claudette spots a call from Ronnie to Vincent's phone and decides to take decisive action
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 21 Sep

Roxy agrees to Charlie's suggestion that they should go away together - only to be left stunned when he reveals he wants to take Matthew as well. Abi is reeling after her appearance in court, leaving Lauren wondering which side she should take, and Kathy gets a shock when a familiar face turns up unexpectedly at her hotel. Dot realises Cora has gone missing again, so she enlists Fat Boy to help track her down
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 18 Sep

Lauren insists to Abi that Max did not kill Lucy and pleads with her to tell the truth in court - then reminds Jane that if her dad is found guilty, she will not stay quiet about what she knows. Back at court, Cora and then Abi give their evidence - but what will they say? Roxy is left stunned when Charlie reveals what has happened with Ronnie, and he makes her a surprising offer, while Whitney tells Mick about Lee's difficulties
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Thu 17 Sep

With Max's trial just a few hours away, Lauren is torn when Jane insists she has fixed it for her dad to be found innocent and pleads with her to keep their dark secret. Abi begins to crumble at the thought of taking the stand and Cora ends up drinking in the Vic when she should be at court. Meanwhile, Sharon makes a drastic decision after learning further truths about Kathy, and Charlie is desperate to fix things with Ronnie - until he spots her with Vincent and the penny slowly drops
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Tue 15 Sep

With Kathy hiding out at the Arches, Phil does his best to keep his family away, but it doesn't take long for Sharon to realise something is wrong and she heads off to the garage. Jane ignores her friend's warning and talks to Marcus, who comes up with a plan to ensure Max doesn't go down for Lucy's murder. However, just when Jane thinks everything is going to be fine, an old face turns up claiming to know who killed Lucy. Charlie is stunned when Ronnie tells him their marriage is over
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 14 Sep

Phil receives a text asking him to meet Kathy at the park but he is caught off-guard when he is confronted by Gavin, who comes clean about what happened after the incident at St Pancras. He soon receives another message from his ex-wife, so he and Ronnie set out to find her - but with Gavin following them, will they get there in time? Meanwhile, Jane makes a risky move and Ronnie reaches a decision about her marriage to Charlie
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 11 Sep


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