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Libby's party comes to an abrupt end when a battered Vincent returns home, refusing to admit what has happened to him. It doesn't take Claudette long to realise who attacked her son, while Denise and Patrick encourage Kim to leave Vincent, worried he will only bring her trouble. An angry Dean confronts Roxy about not showing up to the party, but she quickly changes his mood - although Ronnie soon has something to say after spotting them together. Meanwhile, Donna notices Pam's odd behaviour and tells her to stop being such a pushover
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Tue 4 Aug

Denise plans a birthday party for Libby, but her hopes of making everything perfect for her daughter quickly disintegrate when she has a massive argument with Claudette. Meanwhile, the guest of honour takes a mysterious phone call from her sister Chelsea. Jane visits Carol to find out what she knows about the night Lucy died, and Pam insists that Paul doesn't have to worry about anything - but does she believe her own words? Tensions are high over at the Albert as Vincent warns Phil that Sharon has to start pulling her weight
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 3 Aug

Pam reels from Paul's bombshell at the party, but will she believe her grandson? Family ties continue to loosen following the arrest in the Lucy Beale murder case, with one household slowly crumbling, while another struggles to stay united. And as further truths come to light, a resident's world spirals out of control when their own loved ones turn against them
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 31 Jul

The Cokers' party gets to a bad start when Paul tells Les that Claudette has to stay away, so the undertaker reluctantly takes his grandson's advice and asks her not to come. But whether she takes any notice is a different matter altogether. Meanwhile, as one family is torn apart, another struggles to rebuild their relationship. When one resident is accused of the unthinkable they quickly come to blows with someone else - but will their loved ones support them?
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Thu 30 Jul

It's a shocking day for the locals when a resident is charged with the murder of Lucy Beale. As friends and family come to terms with the news, one person resorts to drastic measures for the sake of their family, while two others make plans to leave Walford. Claudette confronts Paul over his accusations and warns him to back off, but sticking to his guns he tells her he doesn't want to see his grandma Pam get hurt, and suggests that Claudette doesn't see her any more. Meanwhile, Stacey receives an unexpected phone call
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Tue 28 Jul

Paul receives exciting news, although his day soon takes a turn for the worse when he is confronted by Vincent over his accusation about Les and Claudette - forcing him to do some speedy backtracking. However, when Vincent delivers some cakes to Pam, he realises there may be some truth in it after all. Meanwhile, families struggle to remain united as the police investigation into Lucy's murder continues, ramping up the tension and causing accusations to fly
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 27 Jul

Things reach breaking point when accusations are thrown left, right and centre in Albert Square, forcing certain locals to question whether it is time to move on from Walford. The tension remains between the Mitchells, Beales and Brannings - who will come out on top? Meanwhile, Pam feels guilty for involving herself in Paul's business, so Les tries to talk to him - unaware his grandson is about to reveal a family secret to Vincent
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 24 Jul

Further new evidence comes to light in the police investigation, and tension soon grows between the Mitchells, Beales and Brannings, who end up coming to blows. Eventually, Max is forced to swallow his pride, while Mick questions Ian - and as the day unfolds, many residents are questioning their loyalties
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Thu 23 Jul

The fallout from the arrest continues to ripple through the Square, with one local beginning to have doubts about their own account of the night Lucy was killed - forcing them to make a shocking decision. Meanwhile, two residents are prompted to make a go of it
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Tue 21 Jul

Five months after the Beales found out the truth about daughter Lucy's killing, then immediately decided to cover it up for the sake of young son Bobby and stepmum Jane, an arrest has been made - sending shockwaves through the Square. As the residents struggle to understand what they are hearing, further evidence comes to light, threatening to tear families apart
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 20 Jul

When Ian discovered that Bobby killed Lucy, he and Jane agreed that it was better for their family if the case remained officially unsolved. However, it seems the police have different ideas as they prepare to arrest a suspect. Is the truth finally going to emerge, or is an innocent person about to be wrongly accused of murder?
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 17 Jul

As the residents of Albert Square wake up to the news that there is a new suspect in Lucy's murder case, Sharon encourages a frightened Ian to find out what is really going on. Max and Carol decide to take Jim's motorbike for a final spin, Ben struggles to keep his mind on his work, and Pam has a plan to get Paul interested in the family business. Meanwhile, Kush works out Stacey's secret
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Thu 16 Jul

Ian breaks down while telling Jane that Cindy is missing, and his nightmare continues when a journalist approaches him with some shocking news. Elsewhere, Lee reassures Mick and Linda that everything is okay following his scuffle with Nancy, but his act does not fool Whitney, while Stacey and Martin discuss their future
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Tue 14 Jul

Cindy feels betrayed when Ian reveals Carol is being paid to look after her, and seeks comfort in the Albert, where she catches the eye of a couple of a strangers. Over at the Vic, Mick is too preoccupied to listen to Lee's problems, but when Nancy tries to push the issue, her brother's temper gets the better of him. Meanwhile, Shabnam encourages Stacey to be honest with Martin
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 13 Jul

Nancy tries to get to the bottom of Lee's problems, and is pleased when her brother agrees to see the doctor - although he insists she keep the appointment a secret from their parents. An emotional Kim runs over one of Les' wreaths, so Vincent tries to make amends by inviting the Cokers to a Hubbard family meal. How will Paul feel about making small talk over the dinner table with his grandfather and Claudette?
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 10 Jul

Martin is keen to talk to Stacey about what happened at the wedding, but she would rather focus on making sure Lily has the perfect dress for her dance recital. Nancy grows more concerned about Lee after it turns out he has been missing work, Jane invites a reluctant Cindy over for dinner, and Denise is unimpressed when Kim offers her a job - as Pearl's nanny
BBC One (Digital) 8:30pm-9:00pm (30 minutes) Thu 9 Jul

It is the day of Jean's wedding, but Stacey seems more interested in searching the bride's house for the lock that will fit her mysterious key. Is she finally about to discover the truth? Carol calls a meeting to discuss the impact of local redevelopment work, but when Ian makes the debate personal, she ends up dropping a bombshell of her own concerning Cindy
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Tue 7 Jul

Stacey is shocked to learn Jean is planning to marry Ollie tomorrow, and asks if she has been taking her medication. However, it is her mum's turn to be worried when she spots the key around Stacey's neck. Tamwar invites Nancy to stay with him for a while to escape the stress at the Vic, but Lee has an unexpectedly extreme reaction to the news, and Carol tries to help Max get his life back on track
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 6 Jul

Tamwar goes in search of Nancy, intending to have a heart to heart about his feelings - but instead he finds her unconscious on the floor of the Vic. Sonia is hurt that Carol confided in Shirley rather than her, while her mum is increasingly worried about Max, and Martin's dinner with Stacey turns out to be more awkward than romantic
BBC One (Digital) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 3 Jul

Carol feels under pressure as the gossip spreads about her and Buster, only to receive support from a most unexpected source. Shirley tries to play happy families when a Child Services officer arrives to discuss Jade, and Nancy suffers a seizure while babysitting Ollie. Meanwhile, Stacey does her best to seem pleased when Martin surprises her with a romantic meal
BBC One (Digital) 7:30pm-8:00pm (30 minutes) Thu 2 Jul


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